What have I done.

I wanted to share with you some crafts I have done. Some are new items I created and some are upcycled items. This past fall I did my first craft fair. It wasn’t a large fair, just a small fall fair at a nearby senior center. I chose this place because I felt like it was the right fit and scale for me since I was just starting. I only had an 6 ft. table and a corner space to set up.

Thankfully my wonderful husband created these amazing stands that allowed me to display my wreathes or wall decor hangings. It can be used either way. Below is a close up of the stands with the items. I really love how they turned out. I especially love the squared shaped wall decor. I feel that they are just different from the typical circular wreathes. You can put it on the front door (it might be a bit small for some front doors), bed room door or even on a wall as part of the decor.

A lot of these items are not original ideas, but they do have my personal twist or style to them. They stem from projects that are out there on Pinterest or from the creative community that one can find on YouTube. With these ideas that I pin on my Pinterest boards and who I follow on YouTube has inspired me to be creative and to create. It has motivated me to go out there and sell my creations. I truly enjoyed making these items and plan to make more for my next craft fair.

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