More Picture Frames and Wine… Oh My!

The past few posts I wrote about my upcycles of picture frames and wine bottles. I had a lot of fun creating them. Of course now I am left with small picture frames that didn’t make a great wall hanging or door hanging and not to mention a few corks from the wine bottles.

So I kept thinking what to do with these corks. Then I thought about my cork boards hanging in my kitchen. Then why not make my own cork board with the wine corks. But how do I put it together or hold it together? Ahh… put it in the small picture frames. Why not. I do remember seeing something like it in Pinterest at some point a while ago.

Of course I only had a few wine corks and I needed more to make a descent cork board to hang on my wall. Happily I had some friends who were collecting them and were willingly able to furnish me with their wine corks. I was thrilled and excited to get this little project going.

Now I had to play around with sizing the corks into the picture frame so it could fit the best way it could. Some wine corks were smaller than others and after sifting through my collection, I found the right fit. Below is a picture frame that I had which fortunately was already white. Then I hot glued the corks onto the glass part of the frame.

I think it looks very cool. Of course you can’t pin up anything that is too heavy. (Remember it is a small size picture frame.) I have pinned small pictures or small scraps of paper onto the board. It seems to do the job.

*On a side note, my craft room gets a bit cold in the winter months and unfortunately so does the hot glue that adheres the corks to the picture frame. With that occurring, some corks have fallen off. Thankfully it’s an easy fix that a little more hot glue can resolve. So I suggest hanging them in a room that doesn’t get too cold or if you don’t care to adhering them if they fall off, then place them anywhere you like.

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