Mini Photo Album with a Planner Binder

So my friend and I decided to scrap together on Super bowl Sunday. Planning for this day wasn’t too bad. I tried to keep it simple and decided to focus on doing a mini album on a family trip that we took last summer. What can I use to create my mini album? Well I had a couple of empty planner binders that I had on hand that I would use to be my album cover. I found them at my local thrift store so it was very inexpensive. Bonus! I really was into this idea of using the binders because it would be a create way to upcycle them. So I selected my pictures that I needed to be printed. Holy Moly I cannot believe how many photos I had for this trip. I took a lot of pictures. Does that happen to you? I printed a little over 100 pictures. Crazy! That wasn’t really all of them. I had learned after I got my photos printed that my husband had more pictures on his phone. What? Uugghh! Well what can you do. I had to go ahead with what I got.

My friend and I scrapped for several hours. I know, how can we do this?! Trust me we did it and loved it. We thoroughly enjoying doing this a lot. I had a process plan in mind that I promised myself that I would stick to. I am so glad I did this because it really helped me stay focused and stay on task. It also helped me to be efficient and get more done in a certain amount of time. Here is a photo of the planner binders I had. I chose the black binder that has the title “Enjoy Today”. I felt it was fitting for a family vacation album.

So below is a list of my process to help me get this little project going.

  • select card stock paper to use either solid or patterned
  • trim paper down to size to fit
  • adhere a solid and a pattern paper together so it would be sturdy enough to hold pictures and embellishments
  • select photos and trim to desired size
  • glue down desired photos to go on each page
  • add stickers and embellishments to make it less boring
  • journal in certain areas to remember what was going on

I did each step one at a time and throughout the whole album. This was really the first time doing this method. It worked really well for me and I think I will do it again on another mini album. Below are some pictures to show what I did.

So I put in a title page to get this album going. Also I glued on some patterned paper on the inside front and back covers to cover up what the binder had.
As I said earlier, I had so many pictures and I honestly wanted all of them to be in the album but couldn’t. One way I was able to add more pictures is to do this fold out. This trick really allows one to add more photos. I only put the pictures on this side but I could put more on the other side if I wanted to. I did this trick throughout the album.
Here are some more layout samples I did in the album. I was glad that I had some camping and traveling papers that I was able to incorporate into this album. It had some word and phrase cutouts that was able to use to add more interests to the pages.

Well I hope you enjoyed seeing some of my mini album using an empty planner binder. It has worked out perfectly. I would show you all each page that I did but quite honestly it would be one very long post. I have too many pages in this album. Well till next time on my next crafting adventure.

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