Bullet Journal

What is a bullet journal? For me it’s like a planner with a monthly and daily calendar in it. You can also have trackers for what ever you want to keep in track. For example, keeping track of your daily water intake, keeping track of your daily mood, or keeping track of your daily steps, etc. Whatever you want to keep track you can add that to your bullet journal. You can have lists. Lists like a daily check list or to do list. Whatever list you want. That’s the beauty of the bullet journal. It is so flexible to whatever you want and whatever works for you. You can even have pages of just doodling if that’s what you want. Totally up to you. You can get more ideas and suggestions on Pinterest as to what you can have in your bullet journal.

Oh my goodness there are soooo many ideas on Pinterest it is ridiculous. Also there are tons of YouTube videos on this subject. It is quite overwhelming honestly. The other overwhelming part is different types of notebooks or journals to use (plan paper, grid paper, or dot grid paper). Also the different types of pens and markers you can use. Plus the different styles of how to create you bullet journal. I’m not going to go into that since it can be easily found, as I said before, on Pinterest and YouTube. You can look into it and see what I mean. For now I’m just going to go into what I have done with my bullet journal.

Around the new year, I decided to try out this bullet journal thing. I’ve used many different types of planners through the years and they never seem to have exactly what I wanted. I felt like I also had to settle with what was out there. Well since I learned about how flexible a bullet journal can be, I decided to give it a try.

Now I found my journal on Amazon for a descent price. There are plenty out there on Amazon and I am sure there are plenty at craft stores or other brick and mortar stores. Do your research and see what you like if you’re interested. I chose a nice journal with dot grid pages. I’ve learned that’s it helps draw out boxes and grids for what ever calendar you create or charts you want.

Now as I said earlier, you can find lots of ideas on Pinterest. So many cool ideas that I created a board just for bullet journals. So for the month of April (which I really hope it is a much better month), I created this pretty intro page with doing some doodling and drawing out some simple flowers. No I am not an artist by any means. That is why I chose to draw these very, very simple flowers. I also used letter stickers that I had in my scrapbooking stash. Thankfully I had all the letters I needed to spell out the word April. Quite honestly I like how they turned out.

I also included a page of the whole month listed out so I can see the upcoming events of the month in a glance.

I then worked on adding a 2 page weekly calendar layout so I can write down daily events or appointments. I’ve also included in the 2 page layout a weekly “things to do” section and a “notes” section just to jot down items I need to do or events to add to the following week or weeks.

So this is what I have so far. I will probably add an exercise tracker page for the month and possibly a page for a daily mood tracker. I will see how this will work for me. I may add something more for next month and see how that will go. I may take away a tracker page. Who knows. That’s the beauty about bullet journals. It’s so flexible and fluid. Every month maybe different depending on what works for me at the time.

You should give it a try and see. It’s actually quite fun and there is a bit of creativity to it as well.



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