Use What You Got!

I am trying to make the most out of the stay-at-home social distancing situation. It’s been a little tough and a bit stir crazy, but we are managing. I am doing more things at home that needed to get done and having fun getting the chance to be creative.

Last week the weather was so nice that it motivated me to be outside and and get some planting done. Now I have not been going out much except for to the grocery store or to the pharmacy store for other stuff. I couldn’t buy new plants, but I did have few plants that needed to be transplanted to a bigger pot.

I bought this snake plant that I have been wanting to get for a while now. I did get it a couple of months back and it so desperately needed to move up to a bigger pot. On this amazing sunny, warm day, I went ahead and transplanted the snake plant. So glad I did it and I have the perfect spot for it.

Isn’t it pretty. I love having one. Since it is an indoor plant, I would need to water it inside of course. So the pot that it’s currently in didn’t come with pot dish. It’s really a plant pot that would go outside. I used what I had. Well I needed a plant pot dish and I didn’t want to go to the store so I had to think of something. Surely I could think of something. I think I am fairly creative to come up with or create something out of what I had at home or in the garden.

So I spent a day looking around the house trying to come up with something. Finally I found something in my recycling bin.

So I found a plastic lid from an ice cream bucket that I bought recently. It was the perfect size and thought it would work as a great plant dish. So how do I cover it up so the writing and the plastic won’t show. I thought about covering the flat outside part with material. Luckily I had some leftover fabric from a previous project years ago. I cut it to size and hot glued it on. This way the plastic won’t scratch my wood floors.

Now I could have left it as is and it would have been fine, but I didn’t want the plastic to show. I needed to cover it up. Why not jute twin. Of course, that would work. So I wrapped around the inside part of the plastic top with hot glue. Well I believe the jute twin I used was size 3mm. Well this process to wrap around was so long and tedious since it was a bit skinny. It would have been faster and easier if I used a larger size twin. Well it was what I had and so I eventually covered the entire inside of the plastic top. I think it turned out cool.

Again, I could have stopped there. It still would do the job of being a plant pot dish, but you can still see the plastic on the outside edge of it. No I really wanted to cover it up. I went through all that trouble and time to cover the inside. I really should cover up the outside edge.

So now again I am looking around in my craft room seeing what I had to help cover up the outside edges. Looking and looking until I thought I can use what was right in front of me… my macrame cord. Of course, why not. It would be perfect. So I used my 3mm 3 ply cord to cover it up. I used hot glue again and wrapped the cord around twice to have good coverage.

And so here is the completed simple project that I was able to make using the stuff and stash that I had at home. It was great not needing to spend the extra money. I was also great that I was able to use my creativity to come up with something that I think turned out great.

Well I hope you enjoyed this journey with me in finding items in my home and stash and creating something that is cool and useful. I wish this will inspire you to look around and create something with things that you may already have. Try it out! Give it a go!


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