Who loves candles? I do!

Candles. I love candles! I love the good smelling ones. I don’t think I’m a total candle snob where I only buy certain kinds or certain brands. There are ones that I favor more than others, but for the most part I buy the one that I like. I think I am the same for most candle lovers that I pick the ones that smell good to me. I do lean more towards vanilla scents and lovely light scents. Nothing too strong with floral scents or musky scents. Really nothing too strong.

Currently I have several candles that I love to light up every so often. I buy some and use them up. Unfortunately the wick gets too short making it hard to stay lit. That makes me so mad. There is still some wax that remains. It seams such a waste to just throw it away. I just want to keep enjoying the lovely scent it gives.

Well I remember a while ago, seeing a pin from Pinterest, about how someone reused the leftover candle wax and made smaller candles. I thought this was a great idea and a fun little craft project to do. Such a great way to enjoy the wonderful smells from the candles a little bit longer.

So I grabbed my candles for the project and got my supplies together. Recently I acquired some small sized mason jars (jam or jelly jars) and I grabbed them. I then remember I had some candle wicks that I purchased a while back to use. I also had some sticky dots that I can use to adhere the wicks to the jars.

Here are some of the used candles that I wanted to use. The ones that I really wanted to savor a bit longer.

Now the votives above are just fine as they are but, I really wanted to combine them to make one candle of similar scents. I really do love the way they smell. I hope to enjoy them as I put them in a mason jar and have them in my room.

To start I boiled some water in a big pot. Once it boiled, I lowered the heat and put the candles in the pot to melt them down. During this time, I prepared the mason jars with the candle wicks.

Once the wax melted, I removed the old wicks and poured the wax in the mason jars. I didn’t have enough to fill a whole jar, but that will be fine by me. In fact, I mix two of the old candles into one jar. It gives it a bit of color. I think they turned out great.

See nothing perfect but, it will do the job. As for the votives above, I needed to chop them up so they were able to melt quickly. Once they were melted I poured them in the jar.

So here are the candles that I made. There are pretty descent considering it was my first time reusing candles. It was a good experience and I would do it again.

So keep an eye out for the next post. Who knows what crafty project I will do next.


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