Happy New Year

I just can’t believe it’s 2021. A much eager year we all want to get started and leave behind a year of craziness. I do hope this year will be different and better. I guess we will see. I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted, but I am here starting it up again. So much has been going on the last couple of months as the same for many. I tell you once Thanksgiving comes around, everything is a fast blur after that.

I have been thinking for a bit of doing much more this year then what I did last year. More in creating, more in my little business and just doing more with the family. I think that’s similar for many others. For me I really do have that desire and motivation to make it happen. I really hope it does happen. For now I wanted to share what fun creative things I did in my house for the holiday season. Even though it was just a few things, I did have fun creating them in my own way.

So after Thanksgiving season, I had these beautiful white pumpkins that I really enjoyed having. It went very well with my home decor of farmhouse. My house is not totally immersed in farmhouse decor, but I am trying. I am slowly getting there.

I thought the white pumpkins were so cool. I didn’t want to throw them out because they were still in good shape. I wanted to do something with them until I thought of a snowman. I can create a 3D snowman and not have to toss the pumpkins yet. I simply just cut off the stems of each pumpkin and tried to stack them the best way they can fit. I adhered the pumpkins together with hot glue. It worked out okay, but it’s not the best way. Since pumpkins are not flat by any means, they have many gaps that made it hard to glue together. I still stuck together somewhat as long as you didn’t move it or touch it. I drew a face and buttons with a black permanent marker. You could glue on buttons. Unfortunately, I didn’t have any black buttons to do the job. The buttons would have been ideal and an added bonus to the look, but what can you do when you don’t have any. I wrapped a scarf, that I found at my local dollar store, around the neck area of the snowman. To top everything off, I added a small hat that is actually a tree ornament, that I also found at my local dollar store. (Well it looks like I didn’t get a picture with the hat.)

I also created my own Christmas wreathe that I loved how it turned out. It was beautiful and simple and fairly easy to make. I will absolutely do it again next year. I reused a grapevine wreathe that I had at home. I cut some small branches off of my grand and beautiful magnolia tree and added some red holiday picks to add a punch of color to it. So the red became the main color of my Christmas decor.

Once you enter through my front door, you come into our foyer which I love having. I have been enjoying decorating this area very much. Below are some pictures of how it turned out. I am trying to keep the farmhouse feel throughout by using black and white colors with bright punches of red. The houses you see and the tiny bottle brush trees are a new decor purchases that I felt really added to the farmhouse feel. The other items on the foyer table, like the nut crackers, ceramic trees and the Partylite deer candle holders, were older items that I usually have in the living room. The lantern, the green sled and the red ice skates were purchases from garage sales and/or second hand stores. (Cool finds in my opinion.) The little mini tree I purchased from somewhere I really don’t remember. I added pretty red and white picks and ornaments with a red star topper. I love how it turned out. Now that Santa was a purchase many years when I was into decorating in blues and silver. I can get rid of it, but I don’t want to because I still like it. Now the mini red and white wreathes are my macrame wreathes that I made.

Now the red and white mini wreathes by the door are made out of macrame that I did myself. I really into macrame. I plan to show more of my creations on future posts. I made them into these colors obviously to go with the rest of the house for this season. I actually have them up still since why not and Valentine’s Day is coming soon. Right?! Below are some close up pictures. I really think they turned out very nice. I love how simple it is and the added picks really give it an extra flair and dimension.

Sadly all the Christmas items are put away, but there are a few things that I still have out that I thought would go with a winter them. I am figuring I will go with a winter wonderland look. I plan to keep that theme until spring. I will share this particular look on my next post . Till then, I hope that this was an enjoyable quick read. Love sharing my creations and my creativity.

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