Spring Is In the Air

Oh man spring is here. I am absolutely ready for it. Warmer weather, bulbs blooming, birds chirping, plants in the garden, and on and on. I am not a huge fan of winter, so spring is always such a relief for me. Even though there are still some days that are cold, there have been a few more days of warmer weather. So I have been preparing my home for the change of season and am excited to bring in some spring colors and spring items. I have to admit that I am not a super huge fan of pastel colors that are typical for spring. So I am trying to stay with a more neutral color pallet with some pop of spring colors. I have decided to go with a rustic spring decor using whites, grays, muted blues and greens. Also I really don’t care much for the colorful Easter/spring staples of the colorful eggs, bunnies and the such. I just feel it’s too cutesy. So I thought that can add some simple and pretty white bunnies and other things that I will mention soon.

Well to start things off, I went to my local craft store and found some very cute and rustic looking eggs that I thought would fit perfectly with what I want to do. The bag of eggs had some faux moss eggs, brown craft paper covered eggs, some muted blue and green eggs and even some had speckles like a robins egg. It even had some craft paper covered carrots. They are so cool. I also had on hand a stash of moss that I purchased a while ago at my local Goodwill.

So this first project was something very simple to put together. I had small wire/wicker baskets with handles in my house that has been empty for a while. So I chose this thinking it would be a great little basket for this spring season. I simply stuffed the bottom section of the with foam block and put on top of it the moss. I covered the area really well giving it a nice green soft base to add the eggs and carrots I purchased. So here is the final look…

I simply love how it turned out. I decided to place it on the bottom section of the table in my foyer area. Now anyone who visits can see it.

My next little DIY project was quite simple and so cute in my opinion. I got this idea from something I saw at a local antique store. It was a simple 1/2 dozen egg carton with these little eggs and some grass. So this is my take on that inspiration. I love how it turned out.

So I used an egg carton that I had on hand and cut it in half. I put some of my moss as the grass. Thankfully I had these pretty little white faux flowers that I got at my local dollar store and added them in with the grass. I just simply cut them up in small chunks to fit them the egg holders and added my fun speckled little eggs. To add a little extra touch and depth, I used a stamp pad of a dark brown color and marked it along the edges of the egg carton.

I love how it turned out and how it added a lovely little spring/Easter feel to my foyer table.

Well those are just some of my little DIY projects for the spring/Easter season. On my next post, I will continue on with this subject with some more fun little decor projects that I did. Until then, enjoy the beginning of the spring season.

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