Macrame Wall Hangings

Oh my goodness is been a while. So many things going on that the time went by. Just been busy with the kiddos home now. Getting a schedule going for them so there is some purpose for each day. Been spending lots of good quality fun times with the them playing board games and card games. I have been really enjoying that. Making almost every single meal since we are trying not to go out and eat our meals. (I have to say I have grown tired of cooking. It really isn’t a thing that I like to do on a regular day anyway.) Also I have been working a lot on some of my macrame projects.

I have really gotten into macrame. It’s been so much fun for me. It’s been a great creative outlet and allowing me to be creative with my hands. Paper crafting does it for me too, but it’s been macrame lately. I am loving what I see and find on Pinterest and Instagram in regards to macrame. So many different designs and colors. Uughh so cool!

I’ve been using my time at home making several macrame projects. I have made several wall hangings that I think turned out cool. I have gotten some compliments from family and friends.

I’ve made a very pretty wall plant hanger which I really want to make more of them. I really think it turned out so great.

I have incorporated some weaving with some of my wall hangings. It gives the hangings a punch of color. I will definitely be trying some more weaving with different types of yarn. The possibilities seem endless.

I’ve also tried out making a leaf/feather. I know I still need to work on it some more. I think it turned out neat. It’s a bit tedious and slightly time consuming for me since I am still learning it, but worth my time. I will continue to make more so I can improve on it.

Well I hope you enjoyed seeing what I have been working on lately. I will continue to work on some more. You can see more at my Instagram account @jscreativeinnovations. Go and check it out to see other items I have done.

Thanks for stopping by,


Mini mini album

Oh my goodness so much is going on that I lost track of what day I am in. I realized that I haven’t posted anything in a week. I try to post on my blog twice a week, but sometimes life catches up and I can’t do it. Anyway I am still dealing with my foot post surgery. (Going on 13 weeks) Appointment to go to and now the kids are off school for the next 3 weeks since they closed the the school district starting today.

So we’ve been staying at home as much as possible. I’ve been busy making all the meals so we don’t eat out. I’ve gotten groceries to hopefully hold us over for a while. (Praying for that) . During this past week, I was busy on prepping for the craft fair by making some macrame wall hangings. I have made several and would like to make more. It’s been fun for me to do and has been a great creative outlet. I am learning so much about macrame and learning more knots and various ways to make a beautiful wall hanging. I will post more of what I made at a later post.

I was also creating something with my paper crafts. I do love to create things with my paper. I also love to do scrapbooking. Another great creative outlet for me. I have been considering having a separate page for just scrapbooking/paper crafting. That may happen soon. Who knows.

Well getting back to working with my paper crafts, I did create a very cute mini, mini album. Super small and sweet. I fits perfectly in a purse. Well I got the idea from someone I have been following on YouTube. Her channel is called MayMay Made It Crafts. I love what she does and she does a lot of paper crafting and she has her own store too. Now she called it Grams Brag Book and that she used some 6×6 paper that she had on hand. Here is the link to her channel with this particular project.

I did something similar but using some of my 6×6 paper pad that I had in my stash. That’s how I found this particular video.

This is the paper pad I used and the paper that I chose to create the mini album. This mini album uses 6 sheets and I fold them in half thanks to the help of my scoring board.

So after I folded the paper I did some corner round punch. I love how it looks with the corners rounded. It gives it a softer look to it. Once that was done, I decided how I want to order the papers in the album. So next I need to put these papers together to make the book. Choosing what side of the paper I wanted to be seen, I glued the back sides together to bring the pages together to make the book/album. I only glued 3 sides instead of all the way around. I wanted to leave the outside edges open to create a pocket.

Once the glued dried, I worked on creating the front cover. I got a coordinating paper and cut a tag out of it. I inked around the edges and stamped the phrase and images onto the tag. It was from an acrylic stamp that I had on hand. I thought it turned out cute.

Since I left open the outside edges of the pages to make a pocket, I needed to create something to be able to slide it in and out of the pages to add more spots for more pictures or even add space to journal. So I picked out a few more coordinating paper and cut it down to 3 1/8 or 3 1/4 by 5 inches. I then corner rounded the inside edges and did a border punch to add a little something pretty to the album.

So here is how it looks all done. I think it turned out great. It’s great to put in a purse to carry around some pictures instead of trying to find certain ones on your phone. Or this can be a great little journal to jot down ideas or to do lists. It can also be a cute little gift to give to someone.

Well I hope you enjoyed this and hope it will inspire you to give it a try. It was a quick and fun little project to do. Until the next project.


A Few Things Going On

Oh my goodness where has the time gone. I got some good news recently that prompted me to get busy cleaning out and organizing my craft room. I’ve been off my right foot from a foot surgery for 2 1/2 months so my craft room became a mess. It is more like I really neglected my craft room. Since being off my foot, I was only able to do small little projects that I could do sitting down. I did some knitting and I work on some macrame key chains that I shared in a previous post.

Well since I got the go ahead to start walking in a boot, I was able to maneuver around my craft room more freely. Ahhhh… finally back in my craft room. So I was able to start on some projects . I recently got accepted to be a part of a local craft fair that will be in May. It’s a place called East 96 Marketplace. I am super excited. So as you can see I will be busy with getting ready for the craft fair.

So with that in mind, I decided to clean out items in my craft room and organize it better. That way I have a better working area to get some work done to create some gift items and lots of macrame and wall decor. Below you’ll see my process.

Just a little glimpse into one side of my craft room. Was too embarrassed to show the rest, but trust me it was a mess.

In the process of cleaning out, I sorted out my stash and put them different piles. I had piles of 2-D stickers, 3-D stickers and other embellishment items. I used the plastic 12×12 containers that you see to put all these items in. Also I labeled them. I rearranged some boxes and containers within the room. It feels a lot better seeing more floor space and having everything a bit more organized.

Well I hope I can maintain the organization for a while, but I am sure it will get messy as I work on my projects for the craft fair. Be sure to check in later to see what I am working on currently.


Oh Spring You Are So Close

Sun is out. Slightly warmer temperature. Some windows opened. Yesterday was awesome weather wise. Having the sun out motivated me so much to get some stuff done. Got some cleaning done. I got some laundry done. I even got motivated to do a little decorating in my dining room area for the upcoming season of spring. Oh man I am so excited for warmer weather and the sun rays beaming down on my face. A great time to be outside which I love.

I recently went out antique shopping with my husband at a small town about an hour away from where we live. We happened to be in this area since my daughter was at the local high school for a winter guard competition. Anyway it was a cool experience. Everything was neat to see but we did purchase a couple of things and one included was a small rectangular shaped tobacco basket. It was a cool find from my husband. He knew that I would like it.

It’s in pretty good shape so I don’t think it’s that old. Not 100% sure. So I decided to use this as a base for my dining table center piece.

I wanted to add some florals. So I went to my stash and found these that I thought would be perfect for the season of spring. I got these florals from local stores that carry faux flowers and even got some from a garage sale.

So I added the long stem yellow and white florals around this flower vase that I had at home. I even wrapped some burlap ribbon that I got at my local dollar store to make the vase less plain looking.

Then I simply added the rest of the flowers to create a pretty arrangement in the vase. It did add some height to it but not so much that you can’t see the person across from you went sitting for dinner.

I really love how it turned out. I love its simplicity and freshness. I love the colors and how it brightens the room. It helps warm it up and make it feel inviting. It’s a little bit of spring in the house. It’s perfect for the upcoming season and maybe into summer time. We’ll see if I keep it on into the summer months. Who knows I may find something else to change things up.

Well thanks for staying along and look forward to some more splashes of decor in my home.


It’s Your Birthday. Time to Make a Card.

So a couple of days ago was my best friend’s birthday. My friend from high school turned 45. Ahhhh! She’s going to kill me that I mentioned her age on my post. Well I’m doing it anyway.

I haven’t seen her in a while since she’s on the west coast and I live in the south. Needless to say I wanted to send her a special birthday card for completing her 45th year of her life. So I would like to share with you my process of creating this birthday card. All items and supplies are what I have in my stash. I didn’t follow any particular sketch, but the idea my have come from ideas that I have seen from other fellow crafters out there.

I had a 4×5.5 base card set that I bought at Michael’s to get me started on my card.
So I picked this pink flower patterned paper as the background for the front cover of the card.
As the final touch, I stamped this phrase on the inside part of the card. This stamp was also in my stamp collection stash.

Well I hope you enjoyed this quick post about my process of making this special birthday card to my friend. I really enjoy making cards and plan to do more with some upcoming birthdays of some family members. I’ll try to post those soon.

Candle Holder to a Mini Faux Chandelier

Now this is a quick little upcycle project that I did a while ago for my daughter’s room that I wanted to share. A while prior to even thinking of redecorating her room, I went to a local flea market and found this very simple hanging candle holder that had a bright color blue to it. Now it wasn’t ideal but I thought it was cute and new I could do something with it. So I bought it and thankfully it wasn’t that expensive.

Of course, I had it stored away somewhere in the house not knowing what would be its purpose but I had it. Until it dawned on my while I was redecorating my daughter’s room. I wanted her room to look nice and grown up since she was about 14 almost 15. I wanted something pretty and elegant. There was not particular theme in mind to her room. We went with the colors grey and rose gold. She really loved those colors. We also added some wall decor items that were of arrows and feathers. Really cute!

To add something extra and nice to the room, I created a faux mini chandelier from the hanging candle holder that I had.

Now I am a less is more kind of person so I didn’t go too crazy in the “chandelier” idea. What I did was I spray painted the holder with a bronze color spray paint with the texture in it. I got the spray paint at a local hardware store. I know it’s hard to tell here with the lighting not being that great. I was able to cover the blue on the holder so you can’t see it. I then purchased the crystals that you see hanging. (I honestly do not recall where I purchased these, but I did find them online.) It was great because the crystals came in long chains so I was able to play around with lengths that I needed to create the look I was going for. It was easy to take apart the chains to the desired length using needle nose pliers. I was able to hook the crystal chains onto the candle holder to make this look.

Even though I didn’t add any kind of light fixture to it (hence the name faux chandelier), I thought it gave the room that touch of elegance. I hung it up on the ceiling in the area where there is a dormer. It’s right above my daughter’s desk. I think it turned out cute. My daughter loves it as well and the bonus was that it was inexpensive. If I recall correctly, I think it was around $25 to make this. Of course it’s been a while so I don’t remember the exact amount.

So I hope you enjoyed reading this quick little project that I did a while ago. I really enjoyed doing it and hope to do more fun projects like this one.

Card For My Valentine

So Happy Valentine’s Day to all. Not only to husbands, wives, boyfriends, and girlfriends, but to loved ones as well. The loved ones can be parents, children and friends that you love and care for. Why does this day have to only be for lovers. It should be a day to love those who we care about. Also why do we only designate one day out of the year to show love and/or compassion to those we love. For me it just seems silly. Only one day out of 365 days.

Well in the spirit of the day of hearts and kisses, candies and flowers, and colors of reds and pinks, I have created a handmade card for my husband. Here it is…

When I created this card, I was scrapbooking with a friend on Super Bowl Sunday. (I have more to add to this scrapbooking event at another post.) I originally was not planning to do any cards that day. I was really focused on doing another project, but there was a challenge that was brought to our attention which lead me to do a Valentine’s Day card. With that in mind, I had nothing extra with me that was love or Valentine related. So I had to improvise and use what I had. So what you see on the picture above is what was in my stash. Thankfully I did have a couple of items that did help in making my card more for Valentine’s Day.

So to give a closer look to see what I use, the card was quite simple. Nothing too frilly since this was going to my husband. I only used some card stock and patterned paper. Also included chipboard shapes and brads. Honestly very simple and didn’t take long to put together. What took a while was going through all my stuff to see what I had to make this card. This really helped me use some items that I had for a long time and to think a bit outside of the box.

So I had this burgundy, red card stock that I thought would be fitting as a base. Then I found some coordinating pattern paper that seems to go really well with the solid color card stock. I layered the pattern paper on top of the burgundy colored card stock and punched out this pretty scalloped edge to both. I thought it gave it an interesting look to it verses it being squared and plain. You know typical card shape.

As I searched through my stash, I luckily found some chipboard that had some heart shapes. Yes something that would help the card be more for Valentine’s Day. I had some colored markers and colored them to go well with the rest of the color scheme of the card.

And of course, what’s a card without a title to it. I didn’t have any stamps on had and the sticker letters in my stash was way to big. So I wrote it out. I cut out a little banner shape out of white card stock and wrote out “Happy Valentine’s Day” in red. I marked the edges with same red marker to help make it pop out. Plus I had some foam adhesive to give it more dimension. The last detail was a bonus find in my stash. Something I had that I totally forgot about. I found brads of red lips. PERFECT! So I added that to the title banner to give it a little something extra.

I love how it turned out and hope my husband will like it too. Now every detail I did to this card was part of that challenge that I mentioned early. It made doing this little project more fun to do. It challenged me and made me use what I had. Maybe I’ll do more of these types of challenges and hopefully use up my stash that I’ve had for years now. Maybe on a future post.

Well everyone, enjoy this day. Show your loved ones how much you love them. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Wanted to show this cute Valentine decor that I found a long time ago at a dollar store. Don’t remember which store.

Mini Photo Album with a Planner Binder

So my friend and I decided to scrap together on Super bowl Sunday. Planning for this day wasn’t too bad. I tried to keep it simple and decided to focus on doing a mini album on a family trip that we took last summer. What can I use to create my mini album? Well I had a couple of empty planner binders that I had on hand that I would use to be my album cover. I found them at my local thrift store so it was very inexpensive. Bonus! I really was into this idea of using the binders because it would be a create way to upcycle them. So I selected my pictures that I needed to be printed. Holy Moly I cannot believe how many photos I had for this trip. I took a lot of pictures. Does that happen to you? I printed a little over 100 pictures. Crazy! That wasn’t really all of them. I had learned after I got my photos printed that my husband had more pictures on his phone. What? Uugghh! Well what can you do. I had to go ahead with what I got.

My friend and I scrapped for several hours. I know, how can we do this?! Trust me we did it and loved it. We thoroughly enjoying doing this a lot. I had a process plan in mind that I promised myself that I would stick to. I am so glad I did this because it really helped me stay focused and stay on task. It also helped me to be efficient and get more done in a certain amount of time. Here is a photo of the planner binders I had. I chose the black binder that has the title “Enjoy Today”. I felt it was fitting for a family vacation album.

So below is a list of my process to help me get this little project going.

  • select card stock paper to use either solid or patterned
  • trim paper down to size to fit
  • adhere a solid and a pattern paper together so it would be sturdy enough to hold pictures and embellishments
  • select photos and trim to desired size
  • glue down desired photos to go on each page
  • add stickers and embellishments to make it less boring
  • journal in certain areas to remember what was going on

I did each step one at a time and throughout the whole album. This was really the first time doing this method. It worked really well for me and I think I will do it again on another mini album. Below are some pictures to show what I did.

So I put in a title page to get this album going. Also I glued on some patterned paper on the inside front and back covers to cover up what the binder had.
As I said earlier, I had so many pictures and I honestly wanted all of them to be in the album but couldn’t. One way I was able to add more pictures is to do this fold out. This trick really allows one to add more photos. I only put the pictures on this side but I could put more on the other side if I wanted to. I did this trick throughout the album.
Here are some more layout samples I did in the album. I was glad that I had some camping and traveling papers that I was able to incorporate into this album. It had some word and phrase cutouts that was able to use to add more interests to the pages.

Well I hope you enjoyed seeing some of my mini album using an empty planner binder. It has worked out perfectly. I would show you all each page that I did but quite honestly it would be one very long post. I have too many pages in this album. Well till next time on my next crafting adventure.

Monogram Wall Hangings

A couple of posts ago, I mentioned about going to antique shops with a friend. Well every time we went to one, she was always on the look out for big letters to hang on her wall to display. She wanted letters of the first initial to each of her family members’ name. Well I thought that was a cool idea. After a while of doing this, she had an amazing collection of letters. The letters were of different sizes, fonts, and colors. Once she got the amount that she wanted she hung them up on her wall in her living room. It honestly turned out so cool. Of course the idea wasn’t original. She said got some ideas from either Pinterest or a home decor magazine that she had. Either way it looked really cool.

After seeing her collection of letters on her wall so many times that I was so inspired to do something similar. Of course I didn’t want to completely copy her idea. So I had decided to go with the initial of my last name. With that decision, the hunt began.

Hunting for my specific letter was actually quite fun. It was like going on a treasure hunt. Now it took some time and two actually three different states to find all of the letters that I wanted for my wall. Not only did I find some letters in antique malls and shops, but I also found one or two in stores in their home section.

Once I had enough, I was able to put them on the wall in my foyer. I absolutely love how it turned out. Even against the paint on the way, it has such a nice contrast.

Now with all of the letters I collected there was one that I wasn’t too impressed with. It was very simple and plain. It was a good size, but it’s color white wasn’t peaking my interest. I felt like I needed to do something more to it to make it look interesting.

This letter I had was sitting for a while in my craft room after I finished the foyer wall. I just didn’t know what to do with it. At first, I thought of hot gluing some red and green buttons that I had and put it on a wreath for Christmas. I decided against it since I already had a couple of wreaths that I preferred more. So again, the letter sat in my craft room for a bit longer until this weekend.

I was determined to do something with this plain old letter “H”. Now I wish I had taken a picture of it before I jazzed it up. That way you can see how plain it was. Well I decided to wrap the letter with some jute twine I had on hand since I was using some to make my macrame key chains.

Thankfully hot glue does the trick on adhering the twine onto the letter. I then had some paper flowers from my scrapbooking stash. They were originally white so I sprayed some colorful glimmer mist onto them and added some flower brads to collect them together. With the help of hot glue again, I attached the flower clusters onto the letter.

I plan to hang this in my craft room. I feel it the most appropriate place for it since I upcycled it in a way. There was nothing on the back of it for me to hang the letter on my wall. I cut up a couple of pieces of twine and glued it on to make a loop to hook it on a nail.

And that’s it. A very simple and quick little craft project that I did over the weekend. I am in the middle of two other projects that I hope to finish soon to share on my blog. So I hopefully one of them will be finished by the next blog post.

Baskets and Baskets! My New Love for Baskets

Baskets! You normally think of really only one use for them. Just to hold or store items you need or want. It’s a great way to organize your stuff. Of course they come in so many shapes, sizes and colors. I didn’t think much of them until several months ago my eyes was opened to a new purpose to them.

As I was going through Pinterest and decor websites that are out there, I’ve noticed somethings on the walls that I never thought about before. I started seeing baskets.

At first, I started seeing those big tobacco baskets about a couple of years ago at antique shops and at craft fairs. They were very cool and beautiful. I really loved how old they were, but man they were and still are expensive. I really wanted to purchase one but just couldn’t. Just a few months ago I did see some tobacco baskets at a local antique mall. I found one that I thought was perfect for my house. The size of it was just right to fit on a wall by my stairs and the price was just right as well.

Now moving closer to the present. A few months ago, I was going through Pinterest and noticed pins with these beautiful baskets clustered together to make an amazing wall decor for a home. I loved the idea. I saw so many different kinds of baskets. I saw many baskets with these cool patterns inside them using natural and neutral colors. Amazing! Something like below.

So as I was watching people that I follow on You Tube, some of them found some cool looking baskets at local thrift stores. Oh my gosh! Game changer for me. I jumped on this idea fast and went straight to my local thrift store. At first, I didn’t see much that I liked. I did pick a couple of baskets. Not really enough to put a collection on a wall. I eventually did find a small thrift store in my area that I have never been to before. So I went in and found some more baskets that I really liked and felt it would work well for this decor idea.

So I got a good group of baskets together that would make a nice cluster for a wall decor. The only thing was that they were all in their natural color. I got an idea of painting inside the baskets with some patterns similar to the ones I saw on Pinterest. So below is what I did.

So here is my basket wall decor which is in my dining room. I really love it turned out. So I did add to it though. I painted some of the baskets to give it a pop of color.

With this basket I simply painted the base of it with white chalk paint that I had on hand.
With this basket, I created this pattern design with three different colored chalk paint.
I only did a very, very simple tweak to this basket. I only painted on the white strip of white chalk paint. The darker brown strip around the rim of the basket was already there.
I really love this basket and what I added to it. I simply hot glued on some this plastic lavender plant that I bought at my local dollar store. I love how it looks.

After this little project, I look forward to finding more baskets that I can put together and create another awesome wall decor somewhere in the house. When that happens I will report back and show you how it looks. Till then!