An Antique Find For a Useful Wall Decor Item

A while ago I use to go to antique shops and shows with a good friend. It was a fun pass time that we would do every so often. It was always fun hunting for the cool old finds that would fit with our house decor. You can say it was like a treasure hunt. What a great feeling it was to find something old and cool looking and hopefully at a good price.

Well at one of our trips to an antique store, I found one of those old soda bottle crate holders. I thought they were so cool looking. I still think that they are. So I got one. Then I got another one at another shop and another one at an antique store. Now I have 3 of these crates and now what to do with them.

Well I did do something with one of the crates. I use one of them for my son’s Hot Wheels collection to display them. I cleaned it out because it was a bit dusty. I then spray painted it orange. It went well with my son’s room. Then we put his favorite cars in each slot and hung it up on his wall. It turned out cool.

I had two others that I didn’t know what to do with them. I was totally stumped. So I had them for a while. I mean a while like a couple of years. It’s been tucked away in my garage all this time until one day I got this idea.

One day I was staring at my collection of shot glasses that I had in my china cabinet. I was just so frustrated because I just didn’t want them in there anymore. I had no idea where else to put them. I really wanted to figure out a way to display them and not have them hiding in a china cabinet. Honestly my collection had been growing for a few years and it was taking up a bit of space.

Then it hit me, why not do the same thing as my son’s car collection. Man why didn’t I think of this before. Thankfully I still had a glass bottle crate. So I spray painted it white and hung it on a wall in our dining room. I think it turned out great. The only down side is that I wasn’t able to fit all of my shot glass collection. Some of them are the tall slender kind. They don’t fit in the slots, so they are still sitting in my china cabinet. I will have to figure out place for them. So below is what I did.

As you can see, I still have a few slots open to add more. Well I guess we will have to travel to more places to fill them up. I also have another empty crate left. Well I guess I better get started on planning our next vacation.

More Picture Frames and Wine… Oh My!

The past few posts I wrote about my upcycles of picture frames and wine bottles. I had a lot of fun creating them. Of course now I am left with small picture frames that didn’t make a great wall hanging or door hanging and not to mention a few corks from the wine bottles.

So I kept thinking what to do with these corks. Then I thought about my cork boards hanging in my kitchen. Then why not make my own cork board with the wine corks. But how do I put it together or hold it together? Ahh… put it in the small picture frames. Why not. I do remember seeing something like it in Pinterest at some point a while ago.

Of course I only had a few wine corks and I needed more to make a descent cork board to hang on my wall. Happily I had some friends who were collecting them and were willingly able to furnish me with their wine corks. I was thrilled and excited to get this little project going.

Now I had to play around with sizing the corks into the picture frame so it could fit the best way it could. Some wine corks were smaller than others and after sifting through my collection, I found the right fit. Below is a picture frame that I had which fortunately was already white. Then I hot glued the corks onto the glass part of the frame.

I think it looks very cool. Of course you can’t pin up anything that is too heavy. (Remember it is a small size picture frame.) I have pinned small pictures or small scraps of paper onto the board. It seems to do the job.

*On a side note, my craft room gets a bit cold in the winter months and unfortunately so does the hot glue that adheres the corks to the picture frame. With that occurring, some corks have fallen off. Thankfully it’s an easy fix that a little more hot glue can resolve. So I suggest hanging them in a room that doesn’t get too cold or if you don’t care to adhering them if they fall off, then place them anywhere you like.

Drink Wine? If so, what do you do with the bottles?

My husband and I like to drink wine. We like to try different kinds. After a while you realize that you go through some and have all these glass wine bottles. Now I recycle them all the time. Grateful that my local recycling center recycles glass. After recycling many wine bottles, I asked myself what else can I do with them. There has to be something.

Some of my wine bottles waiting to be made into something new.

After looking around through Pinterest for ideas, I was amazed of what is out there. So many creative ideas. Awesomeness! So I created a couple of upcycled wine bottles. I think it goes well in my house with the decor. As you will see, I was going for the farmhouse look. I’ve always felt this style was best suited for me. I feel it is warm and inviting.

Are these not pretty? I love them.
Of course after removing the labels, I wrapped this jute twine all around covering the majority of the bottle. I used hot glue here and there to keep it adhered to the bottle. Then I had these flower embellishments from my scrapbooking stash. I had several different kinds of styles and sizes in which I layered them and attached them together with some flower brads. I then hot glued the flower groups onto the bottle. I think it turned out great and the flowers gave it a softer look against the course jute twine.
Now this one was fun to make as well. As you can see, I painted this bottle with white acrylic paint that I had on hand. After it dried, I glued on 3 layers of this ribbon that I got at my local dollar store. I then wrapped around, a few times, this thin jute twine from the dollar store as well. I felt like this bottle needed something more so attached these beads and key charm that was in my stash. I think it turned out great as well.

Well another upcycled project that I did. I think they turned out great. I do love where I have them in my house. I did think about trying to cut the glass for a specific project but I am not sure about it yet. I guess we’ll see if I can get my hands on the tools to cutting glass.

Oh Those Photo Frames! What Else To Do With Them…

Oh my goodness so many photo frames out there. It amazes me how many. You know if you really need a photo frame, you can find many of various sizes, colors, and styles at local consignment shops and/or local thrift stores. A lot of times you can find a descent frame at a lower cost compared to a new one. Well at least in my experience I have found descent and inexpensive frames out there at my local consignment/thrift shops. It really doesn’t bother me that they are not new.

It has become a benefit to me to find these types of frames at their low cost. Not only to get more frames for pictures but for decor projects. Originally someone suggested to decorate the background of the frames with scrapbook paper and embellishments like doing a scrapbook layout. I was just not feeling it. The idea is great but I was just not motivated to do it.

Then an idea! After seeing so many beautiful wreaths on Pinterest, You Tube and at the stores, I got an idea. Why not make a wreath out of the these frames. Square wreaths, why not! I am sure I picked up the idea somewhere and truly don’t know where. I thought it was a neat idea and still do. Something a bit different from the typical circle wreaths.

Here are examples and how I created them…

Now this frame I painted it and distressed it a bit. Then I wrapped some jute twine all around but obviously not covering up the entire frame. I added the burlap leaves, ribbon and flower at the bottom.
Now this one a little bit more simple. I painted it as well and added the flowers on the corners. I then wrapped and glued the burlap ribbon and the word “Welcome”.
This frame is smaller, but just as lovely as the other frame wreaths. So again I painted the frame and distressed. I added the burlap ribbon and flower. I glued the word “Harvest” onto the burlap ribbon. Before I glued the word, I painted the “Harvest” word.

Now all the materials came from local thrift stores and dollar stores and also some items I had on had. Oh almost forgot, that all of these frame upcyclings are wood frames and was easy to paint. I thoroughly enjoyed making these transformations and plan to make more.

Who Loves Macrame?! I do!

Macrame seems to be back. At least in my mind they are. I know so retro but yet cool! As a child born in the 70’s (yikes I just dated myself), I vaguely remember seeing some macrame plant hangers that my aunt had at her house. I believe she made them herself. She had a few randomly hanging in various rooms in her house, but you know that’s all that I can remember about macrame. I always thought they were just for hanging plants. Just one function to them.

Well let’s push forward to the present, well more like sometime last year. I was doing some crafting by upcycling some glass jars. I would paint them and wrap them up with some jute twine. Then I saw someone’s vlog (honestly I don’t remember who) on YouTube and that person was making macrame plant hanger. I figure I would give it a try. I made a very simple jute macrame plant hanger. I thought it turned out great.

Months later I started seeing more macrame plant hangers and macrame wall decor on Pinterest. I was loving it. It opened up a whole new crafting venture for me. I started making some macrame wall hangings. What fun! Here are some examples of what I have done.

Recently I had foot surgery done and wanted to do some crafting that I can do while I sit. In my crafting stash I found some key rings that I had for a while and had no idea what to do with them until just recently. Why not make macrame keychains. I know not too terribly exciting but it was to me. Plus I had some wood beads on had and added them to the mix of my macrame keychain creations. I was such on a role that I made several keychains. So much fun! Here are some examples that I created.

I really love making macrame items. It’s been so fun. I plan to continue creating more creations and plan to share what I make. I recently purchased two macrame books in hopes of learning more knots and implement them into new macrame projects. So stay tuned and we’ll see what creations I will make next.

What have I done.

I wanted to share with you some crafts I have done. Some are new items I created and some are upcycled items. This past fall I did my first craft fair. It wasn’t a large fair, just a small fall fair at a nearby senior center. I chose this place because I felt like it was the right fit and scale for me since I was just starting. I only had an 6 ft. table and a corner space to set up.

Thankfully my wonderful husband created these amazing stands that allowed me to display my wreathes or wall decor hangings. It can be used either way. Below is a close up of the stands with the items. I really love how they turned out. I especially love the squared shaped wall decor. I feel that they are just different from the typical circular wreathes. You can put it on the front door (it might be a bit small for some front doors), bed room door or even on a wall as part of the decor.

A lot of these items are not original ideas, but they do have my personal twist or style to them. They stem from projects that are out there on Pinterest or from the creative community that one can find on YouTube. With these ideas that I pin on my Pinterest boards and who I follow on YouTube has inspired me to be creative and to create. It has motivated me to go out there and sell my creations. I truly enjoyed making these items and plan to make more for my next craft fair.

Hello Everyone!

Hello all! Welcome to my blog. I wanted to start this blog to share what I love to do… craft, being creative, creating something new from something old. (You know someone’s trash can be someone else’s treasure.) It’s like my therapy and it makes me happy. I am sure many out there can agree or understand what I mean.

Well I do hope you will join me as I share with you what I create. My goal is to focus on upcycling projects but I am sure I will do projects that are not upcycled or maybe just using what I have on hand. It will still be fun to do. So follow along on my blogs and see what I will do.