Dying Cords and Yarn

So I’ve been doing macrame now for a few months and I am completely enjoying it. I have made some wall hangings, plant hangers, coasters, key chains and macrame rainbows. Honestly there are so many things you can do with macrame. I am looking forward to seeing where it will take me. Here are some of my examples.

Recently I’ve been seeing some pins on Pinterest that had some amazing macrame wall hangings and some of them were dipped dyed. Oh my gosh such beautiful colors. It brings the macrame decor to another level. I truly love the ambre look that you can do with dip dying. So cool.

I wanted to try it out for myself to see how they were turn out on some of my projects. I ordered a couple of Rit dyes in the color gray and teal. Honestly I was a little bit nervous at first. So worried that it would turn out wrong and totally ruin my macrame projects. I was so concerned that I would mess it up.

Since I bought the dyes online, they came in powder form in a small box. With that, I didn’t really had a lot with each color to try dip dying on various projects. So with one package, I was only able to dye 3 or 4 items. I decided to try the gray color. I grabbed a small bundle of t-shirt yarn that I made (will share how I did this in my next post), cut out several yards of white 100% cotton 3mm single ply macrame cord that I had, a wall hanging that I had already made and a regular t-shirt.

I got the dye ready in a shallow plastic container.
Next, I grabbed my macrame wall hanging. I only dipped the lower section you see here in this photo.
Last I got a white t-shirt that was too small on my son. I did the typical tie-dye shirt. I was fun to create and it used up the rest of the dye.

I then let them dry for a good 24 hours to ensure they were completely dried.

So below is how they all turned out.

I think they turned out great. I was quite impressed on how easy it was and how well these items absorbed the color. Now they have a beautiful gray tone to them. I am quite happy with them and plan to dye more macrame projects using various colors to add a pop of color and elevate their look.

Who loves candles? I do!

Candles. I love candles! I love the good smelling ones. I don’t think I’m a total candle snob where I only buy certain kinds or certain brands. There are ones that I favor more than others, but for the most part I buy the one that I like. I think I am the same for most candle lovers that I pick the ones that smell good to me. I do lean more towards vanilla scents and lovely light scents. Nothing too strong with floral scents or musky scents. Really nothing too strong.

Currently I have several candles that I love to light up every so often. I buy some and use them up. Unfortunately the wick gets too short making it hard to stay lit. That makes me so mad. There is still some wax that remains. It seams such a waste to just throw it away. I just want to keep enjoying the lovely scent it gives.

Well I remember a while ago, seeing a pin from Pinterest, about how someone reused the leftover candle wax and made smaller candles. I thought this was a great idea and a fun little craft project to do. Such a great way to enjoy the wonderful smells from the candles a little bit longer.

So I grabbed my candles for the project and got my supplies together. Recently I acquired some small sized mason jars (jam or jelly jars) and I grabbed them. I then remember I had some candle wicks that I purchased a while back to use. I also had some sticky dots that I can use to adhere the wicks to the jars.

Here are some of the used candles that I wanted to use. The ones that I really wanted to savor a bit longer.

Now the votives above are just fine as they are but, I really wanted to combine them to make one candle of similar scents. I really do love the way they smell. I hope to enjoy them as I put them in a mason jar and have them in my room.

To start I boiled some water in a big pot. Once it boiled, I lowered the heat and put the candles in the pot to melt them down. During this time, I prepared the mason jars with the candle wicks.

Once the wax melted, I removed the old wicks and poured the wax in the mason jars. I didn’t have enough to fill a whole jar, but that will be fine by me. In fact, I mix two of the old candles into one jar. It gives it a bit of color. I think they turned out great.

See nothing perfect but, it will do the job. As for the votives above, I needed to chop them up so they were able to melt quickly. Once they were melted I poured them in the jar.

So here are the candles that I made. There are pretty descent considering it was my first time reusing candles. It was a good experience and I would do it again.

So keep an eye out for the next post. Who knows what crafty project I will do next.


Renewing a cedar chest

Photo by samer daboul on Pexels.com

Oh my goodness I finally found a chest to put our blankets in when we are not using them. It’s been something that I’ve wanted to get for a while. Before getting the cedar chest, a lot of our blankets were either piled up on top of each other in a corner on the floor somewhere or piled on our ottoman. It was so annoying. In our house, it originally had only one narrow linen closet for the entire house with 4 bedrooms. After we moved in, we added a very small and narrow linen closet for the upstairs. Even though it helped us with a little more storage space, it didn’t really help us out much with all the blankets that we have. Our blankets are quite chunky and heavy and take a bit of space. I just knew we needed to get some sort of trunk or chest to put the blankets away when not in use.

I have to say it took some time to find what I was looking for. Getting a trunk or a cedar chest is not cheep. I’ve looked in various places for new and old ones. The new ones are way too expensive. We didn’t want to put in too much money. Some previously owned ones were not cheap either. Plus finding the one I was looking for was really narrowing down my options.

For a while, my husband and I would look on FB Marketplace to hopefully find the one we like and for a descent price. Oh my goodness what we found were quite interesting. Some were more than what we wanted to invest in. Some were just too out of shape to even fix up. Honestly this was just suppose to be a fun little project for me to do. Upcycling a piece of furniture for a low price was the goal here. Finally one day my husband found one on sale for like $30. I was perfect! The right size and the right look that I wanted for the space that I had in mind.

Well unfortunately I did not take a picture of a before cedar chest. I am quite bummed. Don’t know why, but as you can see above the beginning process of fixing up the chest. The stripping and sanding took a bit of time. More than what I was expecting to do, but it was worth it when it was all done.

Next step, cleaning up and picking the paint colors to paint it.

Thankfully it was a sunny day and perfect for painting the chest outside. As you can see I chose a white paint that we had in our garage for some time now. It was from when we previously painted a room. I painted the base of the chest white and chose a gray paint, from a previous project, to paint the top. The colors I chose goes well with the room that it will go in.

After the paint dried from two coats, I used a fine grit sandpaper to sand down the edges to give it a distressed look. I think it looks pretty cool.

Last step, finding its home and fulfilling its purpose.

Well it was finally time to put it in its new home, the family room. I am so thrilled of how it turned out. No more blankets piled around on the floor or on top of the ottoman or even occasionally just hanging out on the couch. A home for our blankets. So glad I went through this process. I was fun and gave me something to do being stuck at home.

I do have another furniture decor upcycle in the works. I hope to finish it soon to share it with you all.

See you next time,


Flower Vase Upgrade

So with trying to limit our outings to only when necessary, I’ve thought of another upcycling project that of course I had at home. Didn’t have to go out to buy anything that I used in this project. It’s actually quite simple, but maybe some bit of time was needed to create the project. Of course it was my very first time doing this so usually the first tries take long and are sloppy. I’m sure the next time I do this project again, it won’t take as long. I decorated a simple flower vase, that you probably get from a floral arrangement, with macrame. A project that involves two things that I like to do; reusing and recycling.

Well I started out with a floral vase that I had sitting around in my house literally for a couple of years. Don’t know why I still had it, but something told me to keep it around. I guess this is why.

I began by measuring the neck of the vase which was about 10 inches around. I grabbed my 3 strand 3mm cord and cut about 20 inches. I wrapped the cord a bit loose so that it can be a base for the other cords for the macrame pattern. I finished off this base cord with a simple overhand knot. I left a little extra cord to give a tie look

I then added 12 cords of 26 inches in length and tied a Lark’s head knot all around.

Once I got all the cords set, I worked in a simple pattern of staggering square knots all around. I did about a couple of rows of square knots. On the last row, I again I made overhand knots staggering to give it a finished look.

I think this turned out pretty cute. A very simple project using a simple item that you may have at home already. If you don’t have macrame cord, you can probably use yarn or twine. That would be neat to see how that would look. I feel this addition just gives the vase some warmth and texture to its rather cold and slick original state.

I will try this again to any more floral vases I receive. It will definitely add a little something more to those plain vases. Give it a try and see what you come up with.


Use What You Got!

I am trying to make the most out of the stay-at-home social distancing situation. It’s been a little tough and a bit stir crazy, but we are managing. I am doing more things at home that needed to get done and having fun getting the chance to be creative.

Last week the weather was so nice that it motivated me to be outside and and get some planting done. Now I have not been going out much except for to the grocery store or to the pharmacy store for other stuff. I couldn’t buy new plants, but I did have few plants that needed to be transplanted to a bigger pot.

I bought this snake plant that I have been wanting to get for a while now. I did get it a couple of months back and it so desperately needed to move up to a bigger pot. On this amazing sunny, warm day, I went ahead and transplanted the snake plant. So glad I did it and I have the perfect spot for it.

Isn’t it pretty. I love having one. Since it is an indoor plant, I would need to water it inside of course. So the pot that it’s currently in didn’t come with pot dish. It’s really a plant pot that would go outside. I used what I had. Well I needed a plant pot dish and I didn’t want to go to the store so I had to think of something. Surely I could think of something. I think I am fairly creative to come up with or create something out of what I had at home or in the garden.

So I spent a day looking around the house trying to come up with something. Finally I found something in my recycling bin.

So I found a plastic lid from an ice cream bucket that I bought recently. It was the perfect size and thought it would work as a great plant dish. So how do I cover it up so the writing and the plastic won’t show. I thought about covering the flat outside part with material. Luckily I had some leftover fabric from a previous project years ago. I cut it to size and hot glued it on. This way the plastic won’t scratch my wood floors.

Now I could have left it as is and it would have been fine, but I didn’t want the plastic to show. I needed to cover it up. Why not jute twin. Of course, that would work. So I wrapped around the inside part of the plastic top with hot glue. Well I believe the jute twin I used was size 3mm. Well this process to wrap around was so long and tedious since it was a bit skinny. It would have been faster and easier if I used a larger size twin. Well it was what I had and so I eventually covered the entire inside of the plastic top. I think it turned out cool.

Again, I could have stopped there. It still would do the job of being a plant pot dish, but you can still see the plastic on the outside edge of it. No I really wanted to cover it up. I went through all that trouble and time to cover the inside. I really should cover up the outside edge.

So now again I am looking around in my craft room seeing what I had to help cover up the outside edges. Looking and looking until I thought I can use what was right in front of me… my macrame cord. Of course, why not. It would be perfect. So I used my 3mm 3 ply cord to cover it up. I used hot glue again and wrapped the cord around twice to have good coverage.

And so here is the completed simple project that I was able to make using the stuff and stash that I had at home. It was great not needing to spend the extra money. I was also great that I was able to use my creativity to come up with something that I think turned out great.

Well I hope you enjoyed this journey with me in finding items in my home and stash and creating something that is cool and useful. I wish this will inspire you to look around and create something with things that you may already have. Try it out! Give it a go!