For the love of Succulents and Cacti

It’s been a bit, but wanted to chime in quickly on something unrelated to upcycling, diys, or crafting. I wanted to share my new collection that I started this late spring/early summer. I started collecting succulents and some cacti. I truly love these plants. They are really my kind of plant. They are quite resilient. You don’t have to pay attention to them much just water them every 2 weeks or so and that’s about it. On occasion, you would need to transplant them into a bigger pot to allow them to grow more. They are just perfect plants for my not so green thumbs me.

I’ve always loved these types of plants. They remind me of the desert which I love. I love hot dry heat. Perfect for me. I’ve always told myself that I would retire somewhere either in Arizona or New Mexico. That would be perfect for me. Or being by the beach is not too shabby either.

So here are some shots of my collection. I really love how it’s grown in the last month alone.

I just love them. They have such unique styles and looks. Now these are just some that I have, but I do have more. Below are ones that are my favorite succulents.

These are my favorite. I am so drawn to them. Love the colors. The cluster of succulents in a pot was a birthday gift to me from my mother in law. It is so pretty. I really enjoy it and have it on our outside patio table. It’s a great collection so far and I would love to add more.

I have some pictures of some cacti that I am adding to this group. Here they are.

These are so fun. I really want to get more. I love the spiky prickly ones. I can’t wait to see them grow.

So as you can see I have a great start to my collection. I am sure I will be adding more as I find them at my neighboring stores. Till then stay tuned and I will keep you posted.


What a Crazy Week

Man this week was a bit busy for me. What’s funny that it is always busy like this every year. It’s one of my craziest times of the year for me. It’s the week of my daughter’s birthday, Mother’s Day and my son’s birthday. Uggghhh! I’m exhausted. It really is only a few days, but it sure seems like a long time. I manage to get through it as I always do and got to do a little bonus thing for myself as a Mother’s Day treat for me.

Well to start my week was on Thursday May 7th which is my daughter’s birthday. She wanted to see her friends on her special day. We invited a few friends to hang out for a couple of hours. We kept with the social distancing bit by having the kiddos hang out on our driveway. We set up chairs, at a good distance between each other, around the fire pit. They had some pizza and roasted some marshmallows to have with their s’mores. I’d say they had a good time. Got no complaints from my daughter. She enjoyed her day.

Then Mother’s Day weekend rolled up very shortly after. I wanted to treat myself to some plants for my butterfly garden and added some plants to some empty, lonely pots needing a plant to call home. This made me so happy. I’ve been doing this now for the last 3 Mother’s Days. I was able to plant some butterfly plants and flower plants in the ground or in pots. I didn’t do them all since I am still deciding on their spots in the garden.

Now in this little garden, there is a lot of reusing going on. The pots I reused from last year. We’ve had extra stone and bricks from other house projects lying around. So I used them to elevate a couple of the pots. Also we had some pieces of wood posts that was extra from when we had our fence put up two years ago. I used a piece to elevate some pots so that they can be seen better behind the faux wood border. Now the wood border came with the house when we bought it. They were just in the corner of the shed that you see in the background. They’ve been sitting around waiting to be used. I decided to use it as a border for my cute little side garden. Really the only thing new are the plants. I really like how it turned out.

Here are some more plants that went in the ground or in pots. I still have a few that I am still deciding on where to place them. Once I feel they are in a good spot, I will plant them in the ground. It will take some time for these plants to get bigger but they will fill up the area nicely. I am looking forward to seeing them bloom and attract some beautiful butterflies and some lovely bumble bees. It will be wonderful. I also hope to add some decorative pieces that I either buy or make. I will post that in a future post.

The day after Mother’s Day was my son’s birthday. He as well wanted to hang out with his friends. He’s been anxious to hang out with them since the stay at home orders were in place. He invited a few friends. They hung out together outside and played some outside games. We then fed the boys some burgers and hot dogs that we grilled out in our patio. Thankfully the weather was cooperating and it was great. I think my son and his friends had a fun time.

Thankfully both of my kids’ birthdays did not have to be spent in total isolation from their friends. I think they had good birthdays even though it wasn’t totally how they wanted it. They were both happy and grateful for their time with their friends.

I know I wavered a bit off my typical posts but just wanted to share my crazy week and still working on some projects that I will post very soon. Hopefully in a couple of weeks I can also share with you all the progress of my garden so you can see how it’s turning out.

Enjoy the rest of your week.