Spring Is In the Air

Oh man spring is here. I am absolutely ready for it. Warmer weather, bulbs blooming, birds chirping, plants in the garden, and on and on. I am not a huge fan of winter, so spring is always such a relief for me. Even though there are still some days that are cold, there have been a few more days of warmer weather. So I have been preparing my home for the change of season and am excited to bring in some spring colors and spring items. I have to admit that I am not a super huge fan of pastel colors that are typical for spring. So I am trying to stay with a more neutral color pallet with some pop of spring colors. I have decided to go with a rustic spring decor using whites, grays, muted blues and greens. Also I really don’t care much for the colorful Easter/spring staples of the colorful eggs, bunnies and the such. I just feel it’s too cutesy. So I thought that can add some simple and pretty white bunnies and other things that I will mention soon.

Well to start things off, I went to my local craft store and found some very cute and rustic looking eggs that I thought would fit perfectly with what I want to do. The bag of eggs had some faux moss eggs, brown craft paper covered eggs, some muted blue and green eggs and even some had speckles like a robins egg. It even had some craft paper covered carrots. They are so cool. I also had on hand a stash of moss that I purchased a while ago at my local Goodwill.

So this first project was something very simple to put together. I had small wire/wicker baskets with handles in my house that has been empty for a while. So I chose this thinking it would be a great little basket for this spring season. I simply stuffed the bottom section of the with foam block and put on top of it the moss. I covered the area really well giving it a nice green soft base to add the eggs and carrots I purchased. So here is the final look…

I simply love how it turned out. I decided to place it on the bottom section of the table in my foyer area. Now anyone who visits can see it.

My next little DIY project was quite simple and so cute in my opinion. I got this idea from something I saw at a local antique store. It was a simple 1/2 dozen egg carton with these little eggs and some grass. So this is my take on that inspiration. I love how it turned out.

So I used an egg carton that I had on hand and cut it in half. I put some of my moss as the grass. Thankfully I had these pretty little white faux flowers that I got at my local dollar store and added them in with the grass. I just simply cut them up in small chunks to fit them the egg holders and added my fun speckled little eggs. To add a little extra touch and depth, I used a stamp pad of a dark brown color and marked it along the edges of the egg carton.

I love how it turned out and how it added a lovely little spring/Easter feel to my foyer table.

Well those are just some of my little DIY projects for the spring/Easter season. On my next post, I will continue on with this subject with some more fun little decor projects that I did. Until then, enjoy the beginning of the spring season.

Winter Wonderland Decoration

As I said from my previous post, I was going to show how I decorated parts of my home after removing my Christmas items. Since I decorated for this past Christmas with mostly reds and whites, I decided to keep those colors out. White is a perfect color for winter and red is such a great bright contrast. I always think of cardinals that I usually see during the winter and they are so beautiful against the white snow. Also I think red is good to keep around since Valentine’s Day is coming up soon. So I stuck with this color scheme.

So as you can see most of my mantle decorations remained in placed. Just removed all the stocking and the holders and anything else that was obviously Christmas related. I did add these big pine cones that I purchased from an after Christmas sale in 2019. I hung on to them knowing I was going to use them somehow as trees. Well here it is. I used a mason jar lid as the base to hold up the pine cone. Does it not look like a tree? I think so. I was going to add some white paint to it to make it look like it has snow on it, but I haven’t done it yet. I love how it turned out.

So these images are from my front foyer. It is one of my favorite places to decorate. As said before, I removed all Christmasy decorations and kept what I think would fit in the Winter Wonderland theme. On the table, I added some really cute bottle brush trees that seems to fit into the theme. As well as some small pine cones that I had on hand that my mother-in-law collected for me. (If you don’t already know, you should put the pine cones, that one can collect from nature, in the oven at a low temperature for a certain amount of time. This allows for the heat to kill off any bugs that maybe in the pine cones and allows the heat to melt off any sap that could be in the pine cones as well. Please check online to see the exact temperature and length of time to do this. Being in the oven, also opens up the cones to make them look bigger.) Of course if you don’t want to go through this process or don’t have any near you, then you can simply buy the pine cones at your local store with a craft area. It’s really a lot quicker that way.

The other items in the foyer I just stayed with the red and white colors and kept some of my snowmen. Snowmen are quite wintery. I really do love how this area turned out.

These two decor items are in my dining room. I know I don’t have much in the room. I am hoping to add more for next Christmas. I really just added pine cones to the center piece. I am on the look out for winter deer for a discounted price. Once I find them, I will add them to my collection.

These are just a couple of items that I have in the living room near the fireplace.

And finally my beautiful front door wreath. I love how they turned out. I just wanted to do a little comparison of what I did for Christmas time and for winter time. I know it is somewhat similar, but I really do love the simplicity of it. I replaced the magnolia leaves for fresher ones and simply got rid of the red and replaced it with pine cones that I painted with a bit of white. I then added some white flower picks that I had on hand. There you go. That was it. I do plan to add a red heart to this for Valentine’s Day.

Well I hope you enjoyed this post. I love to decorate my home and to be creative. Check in soon to see other fun diys and creative decorating.

Happy New Year

I just can’t believe it’s 2021. A much eager year we all want to get started and leave behind a year of craziness. I do hope this year will be different and better. I guess we will see. I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted, but I am here starting it up again. So much has been going on the last couple of months as the same for many. I tell you once Thanksgiving comes around, everything is a fast blur after that.

I have been thinking for a bit of doing much more this year then what I did last year. More in creating, more in my little business and just doing more with the family. I think that’s similar for many others. For me I really do have that desire and motivation to make it happen. I really hope it does happen. For now I wanted to share what fun creative things I did in my house for the holiday season. Even though it was just a few things, I did have fun creating them in my own way.

So after Thanksgiving season, I had these beautiful white pumpkins that I really enjoyed having. It went very well with my home decor of farmhouse. My house is not totally immersed in farmhouse decor, but I am trying. I am slowly getting there.

I thought the white pumpkins were so cool. I didn’t want to throw them out because they were still in good shape. I wanted to do something with them until I thought of a snowman. I can create a 3D snowman and not have to toss the pumpkins yet. I simply just cut off the stems of each pumpkin and tried to stack them the best way they can fit. I adhered the pumpkins together with hot glue. It worked out okay, but it’s not the best way. Since pumpkins are not flat by any means, they have many gaps that made it hard to glue together. I still stuck together somewhat as long as you didn’t move it or touch it. I drew a face and buttons with a black permanent marker. You could glue on buttons. Unfortunately, I didn’t have any black buttons to do the job. The buttons would have been ideal and an added bonus to the look, but what can you do when you don’t have any. I wrapped a scarf, that I found at my local dollar store, around the neck area of the snowman. To top everything off, I added a small hat that is actually a tree ornament, that I also found at my local dollar store. (Well it looks like I didn’t get a picture with the hat.)

I also created my own Christmas wreathe that I loved how it turned out. It was beautiful and simple and fairly easy to make. I will absolutely do it again next year. I reused a grapevine wreathe that I had at home. I cut some small branches off of my grand and beautiful magnolia tree and added some red holiday picks to add a punch of color to it. So the red became the main color of my Christmas decor.

Once you enter through my front door, you come into our foyer which I love having. I have been enjoying decorating this area very much. Below are some pictures of how it turned out. I am trying to keep the farmhouse feel throughout by using black and white colors with bright punches of red. The houses you see and the tiny bottle brush trees are a new decor purchases that I felt really added to the farmhouse feel. The other items on the foyer table, like the nut crackers, ceramic trees and the Partylite deer candle holders, were older items that I usually have in the living room. The lantern, the green sled and the red ice skates were purchases from garage sales and/or second hand stores. (Cool finds in my opinion.) The little mini tree I purchased from somewhere I really don’t remember. I added pretty red and white picks and ornaments with a red star topper. I love how it turned out. Now that Santa was a purchase many years when I was into decorating in blues and silver. I can get rid of it, but I don’t want to because I still like it. Now the mini red and white wreathes are my macrame wreathes that I made.

Now the red and white mini wreathes by the door are made out of macrame that I did myself. I really into macrame. I plan to show more of my creations on future posts. I made them into these colors obviously to go with the rest of the house for this season. I actually have them up still since why not and Valentine’s Day is coming soon. Right?! Below are some close up pictures. I really think they turned out very nice. I love how simple it is and the added picks really give it an extra flair and dimension.

Sadly all the Christmas items are put away, but there are a few things that I still have out that I thought would go with a winter them. I am figuring I will go with a winter wonderland look. I plan to keep that theme until spring. I will share this particular look on my next post . Till then, I hope that this was an enjoyable quick read. Love sharing my creations and my creativity.

Lampshade Change Up

Oh my goodness it’s been a while. The last couple of weeks went by quickly. I have been busy with a couple of projects and buying a few things for more projects to work on. This one particular project that I will talk about covers both upcycling an item (which I try to do as much as possible) and macrame (a new love). This is an upcycle project that I’ve been wanting to do, but didn’t know exactly the direction I wanted to take it. Then I finally figured something out and it includes my new hobby.

So below is a picture of what I started with.

This was a lampshade from a lamp that I purchased last year at a garage sale. I liked the lamp based but didn’t really care for the shade.

I didn’t really like the shade. I know it would be easier to just purchase a new shade but I wanted to include my new hobby, macrame. So I gutted out the shade. It was double sided on outside and inside of the shade frame. Gutting it out was somewhat challenging but I got it all off.

On Pinterest and Instagram, I saw many examples and posts of macrame lampshades. There are so many great ideas. Such variety of styles and looks to make. I found I believe a 9mm 3-ply rope at my local dollar store. Oh my gosh, I couldn’t believe they are starting to carry this particular item. I was so excited and grabbed a few. So I cut a piece of that chunky rope and hot glued it to the top rim of the shade. I then used my 3mm 3-ply cord and strung it around the top portion of the shade. Below are some pictures of what I did.

My next step was to cut out several pieces of my 3mm 3-ply cord that was about 3-4 times the length of the lamp shade. (The length will depend on the kind of detail you want on the macrame. If it is a design with lots of detail, then you should add more cord length before cutting pieces.) I did a Lark’s Head knot on each cord piece and tied enough to go all the way around. Below is picture of what I did.

Once I did that, created a design that was simple enough to make and multiplied it around the shade. I used Diagonal Clove Hitch knots, Square knots, and Overhand knots. I then tied the cords to the bottom of the shade. Below are some pictures of what I did.

To finish things off, I added more cord using Lark’s Head knots all around the bottom rim of the shade. I cut off the cord unevenly and frayed the ends off to give it a flowing and finished look. Below is a picture of this step.

I think it turned out great. I love how it turned out. Now the lamp has a whole new look. I also changed the light bulb to a LED bulb so it wouldn’t get too hot and burn the cord. Also this lamp is not a lamp I use all the time. It’s more for when I want some dim lighting when I am watching T.V.

I had a lot of fun working on this project. It took a little bit of time but I think it was because this was my first try at it. Now I’m looking around my house seeing if I can transform other lamp shades or transform other items with macrame.

I truly hope you enjoyed this. I have done other macrame projects. If you like to check them out, you can go to my Instagram account @jscreativeinnovations.

Thanks again,


Renewing a cedar chest

Photo by samer daboul on Pexels.com

Oh my goodness I finally found a chest to put our blankets in when we are not using them. It’s been something that I’ve wanted to get for a while. Before getting the cedar chest, a lot of our blankets were either piled up on top of each other in a corner on the floor somewhere or piled on our ottoman. It was so annoying. In our house, it originally had only one narrow linen closet for the entire house with 4 bedrooms. After we moved in, we added a very small and narrow linen closet for the upstairs. Even though it helped us with a little more storage space, it didn’t really help us out much with all the blankets that we have. Our blankets are quite chunky and heavy and take a bit of space. I just knew we needed to get some sort of trunk or chest to put the blankets away when not in use.

I have to say it took some time to find what I was looking for. Getting a trunk or a cedar chest is not cheep. I’ve looked in various places for new and old ones. The new ones are way too expensive. We didn’t want to put in too much money. Some previously owned ones were not cheap either. Plus finding the one I was looking for was really narrowing down my options.

For a while, my husband and I would look on FB Marketplace to hopefully find the one we like and for a descent price. Oh my goodness what we found were quite interesting. Some were more than what we wanted to invest in. Some were just too out of shape to even fix up. Honestly this was just suppose to be a fun little project for me to do. Upcycling a piece of furniture for a low price was the goal here. Finally one day my husband found one on sale for like $30. I was perfect! The right size and the right look that I wanted for the space that I had in mind.

Well unfortunately I did not take a picture of a before cedar chest. I am quite bummed. Don’t know why, but as you can see above the beginning process of fixing up the chest. The stripping and sanding took a bit of time. More than what I was expecting to do, but it was worth it when it was all done.

Next step, cleaning up and picking the paint colors to paint it.

Thankfully it was a sunny day and perfect for painting the chest outside. As you can see I chose a white paint that we had in our garage for some time now. It was from when we previously painted a room. I painted the base of the chest white and chose a gray paint, from a previous project, to paint the top. The colors I chose goes well with the room that it will go in.

After the paint dried from two coats, I used a fine grit sandpaper to sand down the edges to give it a distressed look. I think it looks pretty cool.

Last step, finding its home and fulfilling its purpose.

Well it was finally time to put it in its new home, the family room. I am so thrilled of how it turned out. No more blankets piled around on the floor or on top of the ottoman or even occasionally just hanging out on the couch. A home for our blankets. So glad I went through this process. I was fun and gave me something to do being stuck at home.

I do have another furniture decor upcycle in the works. I hope to finish it soon to share it with you all.

See you next time,


Thrift Store Find

I have been getting a little more of the creativity vibe while staying at home. I’m currently into doing macrame projects. It is so fun and very hands on. I am really enjoying it and hope to create many beautiful pieces. I have been seeing lots of wonderful ideas on Instagram, Pinterest and on YouTube. Not only is it great as plant hangers and wall decor but it also looks amazing combined with baskets.

A while back I was at my local thrift store and found this cool looking faux bamboo food tray. It was really neat, inexpensive, and in great shape. So I picked it up because I knew at the time I wanted to do something with it. Didn’t knew exact what, but I had to get it. Below is what I found.

Isn’t if so cool?! I mean you can leave it just as is and use it to it’s original purpose or as a base for a center piece for a coffee table. As I said earlier, I was loving how some people were adding macrame to baskets and thought why not do the same with this piece.

I thought about stenciling an image on the tray. I figure it’s a descent size area to put something on it. First I needed to paint it so that the image can stand out. I decided to paint the base with a white chalk paint that I had. It painted on well to the tray and since I put a good 1st coat, I didn’t need to paint another coat. Loving chalk paint!

Now time to pick out an image. So I wanted something simple and quick. I looked around my stash of stencils and picked out 2 things. I went with the letter J and two little star bursts on each side of the letter. Since I will hang this in my craft room, I thought it would be perfect.

So how to incorporate a macrame design to this tray piece. Well soon to be a wall piece in my craft room. I figured I would keep it simple. So I decided to create a simple square knot design that was not so crowded but airy. I just did square knots with spaces in between each one. To add a little more interest to the design, I had the square knots taper down to create an upside down triangle shape and added regular knots on the cords that were loose.

I love how it turned out. Something so simple and yet it added an extra look to a very simple tray. Below is how it turned out all completed and on my wall.

I do plan to create little projects like this with macrame. I also plan to make more macrame projects for my craft fair. Stay tune and see what else I will create with macrame, thrift store finds or recycled items at home.

Thanks for stopping by.


Oh Spring You Are So Close

Sun is out. Slightly warmer temperature. Some windows opened. Yesterday was awesome weather wise. Having the sun out motivated me so much to get some stuff done. Got some cleaning done. I got some laundry done. I even got motivated to do a little decorating in my dining room area for the upcoming season of spring. Oh man I am so excited for warmer weather and the sun rays beaming down on my face. A great time to be outside which I love.

I recently went out antique shopping with my husband at a small town about an hour away from where we live. We happened to be in this area since my daughter was at the local high school for a winter guard competition. Anyway it was a cool experience. Everything was neat to see but we did purchase a couple of things and one included was a small rectangular shaped tobacco basket. It was a cool find from my husband. He knew that I would like it.

It’s in pretty good shape so I don’t think it’s that old. Not 100% sure. So I decided to use this as a base for my dining table center piece.

I wanted to add some florals. So I went to my stash and found these that I thought would be perfect for the season of spring. I got these florals from local stores that carry faux flowers and even got some from a garage sale.

So I added the long stem yellow and white florals around this flower vase that I had at home. I even wrapped some burlap ribbon that I got at my local dollar store to make the vase less plain looking.

Then I simply added the rest of the flowers to create a pretty arrangement in the vase. It did add some height to it but not so much that you can’t see the person across from you went sitting for dinner.

I really love how it turned out. I love its simplicity and freshness. I love the colors and how it brightens the room. It helps warm it up and make it feel inviting. It’s a little bit of spring in the house. It’s perfect for the upcoming season and maybe into summer time. We’ll see if I keep it on into the summer months. Who knows I may find something else to change things up.

Well thanks for staying along and look forward to some more splashes of decor in my home.


Candle Holder to a Mini Faux Chandelier

Now this is a quick little upcycle project that I did a while ago for my daughter’s room that I wanted to share. A while prior to even thinking of redecorating her room, I went to a local flea market and found this very simple hanging candle holder that had a bright color blue to it. Now it wasn’t ideal but I thought it was cute and new I could do something with it. So I bought it and thankfully it wasn’t that expensive.

Of course, I had it stored away somewhere in the house not knowing what would be its purpose but I had it. Until it dawned on my while I was redecorating my daughter’s room. I wanted her room to look nice and grown up since she was about 14 almost 15. I wanted something pretty and elegant. There was not particular theme in mind to her room. We went with the colors grey and rose gold. She really loved those colors. We also added some wall decor items that were of arrows and feathers. Really cute!

To add something extra and nice to the room, I created a faux mini chandelier from the hanging candle holder that I had.

Now I am a less is more kind of person so I didn’t go too crazy in the “chandelier” idea. What I did was I spray painted the holder with a bronze color spray paint with the texture in it. I got the spray paint at a local hardware store. I know it’s hard to tell here with the lighting not being that great. I was able to cover the blue on the holder so you can’t see it. I then purchased the crystals that you see hanging. (I honestly do not recall where I purchased these, but I did find them online.) It was great because the crystals came in long chains so I was able to play around with lengths that I needed to create the look I was going for. It was easy to take apart the chains to the desired length using needle nose pliers. I was able to hook the crystal chains onto the candle holder to make this look.

Even though I didn’t add any kind of light fixture to it (hence the name faux chandelier), I thought it gave the room that touch of elegance. I hung it up on the ceiling in the area where there is a dormer. It’s right above my daughter’s desk. I think it turned out cute. My daughter loves it as well and the bonus was that it was inexpensive. If I recall correctly, I think it was around $25 to make this. Of course it’s been a while so I don’t remember the exact amount.

So I hope you enjoyed reading this quick little project that I did a while ago. I really enjoyed doing it and hope to do more fun projects like this one.

Monogram Wall Hangings

A couple of posts ago, I mentioned about going to antique shops with a friend. Well every time we went to one, she was always on the look out for big letters to hang on her wall to display. She wanted letters of the first initial to each of her family members’ name. Well I thought that was a cool idea. After a while of doing this, she had an amazing collection of letters. The letters were of different sizes, fonts, and colors. Once she got the amount that she wanted she hung them up on her wall in her living room. It honestly turned out so cool. Of course the idea wasn’t original. She said got some ideas from either Pinterest or a home decor magazine that she had. Either way it looked really cool.

After seeing her collection of letters on her wall so many times that I was so inspired to do something similar. Of course I didn’t want to completely copy her idea. So I had decided to go with the initial of my last name. With that decision, the hunt began.

Hunting for my specific letter was actually quite fun. It was like going on a treasure hunt. Now it took some time and two actually three different states to find all of the letters that I wanted for my wall. Not only did I find some letters in antique malls and shops, but I also found one or two in stores in their home section.

Once I had enough, I was able to put them on the wall in my foyer. I absolutely love how it turned out. Even against the paint on the way, it has such a nice contrast.

Now with all of the letters I collected there was one that I wasn’t too impressed with. It was very simple and plain. It was a good size, but it’s color white wasn’t peaking my interest. I felt like I needed to do something more to it to make it look interesting.

This letter I had was sitting for a while in my craft room after I finished the foyer wall. I just didn’t know what to do with it. At first, I thought of hot gluing some red and green buttons that I had and put it on a wreath for Christmas. I decided against it since I already had a couple of wreaths that I preferred more. So again, the letter sat in my craft room for a bit longer until this weekend.

I was determined to do something with this plain old letter “H”. Now I wish I had taken a picture of it before I jazzed it up. That way you can see how plain it was. Well I decided to wrap the letter with some jute twine I had on hand since I was using some to make my macrame key chains.

Thankfully hot glue does the trick on adhering the twine onto the letter. I then had some paper flowers from my scrapbooking stash. They were originally white so I sprayed some colorful glimmer mist onto them and added some flower brads to collect them together. With the help of hot glue again, I attached the flower clusters onto the letter.

I plan to hang this in my craft room. I feel it the most appropriate place for it since I upcycled it in a way. There was nothing on the back of it for me to hang the letter on my wall. I cut up a couple of pieces of twine and glued it on to make a loop to hook it on a nail.

And that’s it. A very simple and quick little craft project that I did over the weekend. I am in the middle of two other projects that I hope to finish soon to share on my blog. So I hopefully one of them will be finished by the next blog post.

Baskets and Baskets! My New Love for Baskets

Baskets! You normally think of really only one use for them. Just to hold or store items you need or want. It’s a great way to organize your stuff. Of course they come in so many shapes, sizes and colors. I didn’t think much of them until several months ago my eyes was opened to a new purpose to them.

As I was going through Pinterest and decor websites that are out there, I’ve noticed somethings on the walls that I never thought about before. I started seeing baskets.

At first, I started seeing those big tobacco baskets about a couple of years ago at antique shops and at craft fairs. They were very cool and beautiful. I really loved how old they were, but man they were and still are expensive. I really wanted to purchase one but just couldn’t. Just a few months ago I did see some tobacco baskets at a local antique mall. I found one that I thought was perfect for my house. The size of it was just right to fit on a wall by my stairs and the price was just right as well.

Now moving closer to the present. A few months ago, I was going through Pinterest and noticed pins with these beautiful baskets clustered together to make an amazing wall decor for a home. I loved the idea. I saw so many different kinds of baskets. I saw many baskets with these cool patterns inside them using natural and neutral colors. Amazing! Something like below.

So as I was watching people that I follow on You Tube, some of them found some cool looking baskets at local thrift stores. Oh my gosh! Game changer for me. I jumped on this idea fast and went straight to my local thrift store. At first, I didn’t see much that I liked. I did pick a couple of baskets. Not really enough to put a collection on a wall. I eventually did find a small thrift store in my area that I have never been to before. So I went in and found some more baskets that I really liked and felt it would work well for this decor idea.

So I got a good group of baskets together that would make a nice cluster for a wall decor. The only thing was that they were all in their natural color. I got an idea of painting inside the baskets with some patterns similar to the ones I saw on Pinterest. So below is what I did.

So here is my basket wall decor which is in my dining room. I really love it turned out. So I did add to it though. I painted some of the baskets to give it a pop of color.

With this basket I simply painted the base of it with white chalk paint that I had on hand.
With this basket, I created this pattern design with three different colored chalk paint.
I only did a very, very simple tweak to this basket. I only painted on the white strip of white chalk paint. The darker brown strip around the rim of the basket was already there.
I really love this basket and what I added to it. I simply hot glued on some this plastic lavender plant that I bought at my local dollar store. I love how it looks.

After this little project, I look forward to finding more baskets that I can put together and create another awesome wall decor somewhere in the house. When that happens I will report back and show you how it looks. Till then!