Mini mini album

Oh my goodness so much is going on that I lost track of what day I am in. I realized that I haven’t posted anything in a week. I try to post on my blog twice a week, but sometimes life catches up and I can’t do it. Anyway I am still dealing with my foot post surgery. (Going on 13 weeks) Appointment to go to and now the kids are off school for the next 3 weeks since they closed the the school district starting today.

So we’ve been staying at home as much as possible. I’ve been busy making all the meals so we don’t eat out. I’ve gotten groceries to hopefully hold us over for a while. (Praying for that) . During this past week, I was busy on prepping for the craft fair by making some macrame wall hangings. I have made several and would like to make more. It’s been fun for me to do and has been a great creative outlet. I am learning so much about macrame and learning more knots and various ways to make a beautiful wall hanging. I will post more of what I made at a later post.

I was also creating something with my paper crafts. I do love to create things with my paper. I also love to do scrapbooking. Another great creative outlet for me. I have been considering having a separate page for just scrapbooking/paper crafting. That may happen soon. Who knows.

Well getting back to working with my paper crafts, I did create a very cute mini, mini album. Super small and sweet. I fits perfectly in a purse. Well I got the idea from someone I have been following on YouTube. Her channel is called MayMay Made It Crafts. I love what she does and she does a lot of paper crafting and she has her own store too. Now she called it Grams Brag Book and that she used some 6×6 paper that she had on hand. Here is the link to her channel with this particular project.

I did something similar but using some of my 6×6 paper pad that I had in my stash. That’s how I found this particular video.

This is the paper pad I used and the paper that I chose to create the mini album. This mini album uses 6 sheets and I fold them in half thanks to the help of my scoring board.

So after I folded the paper I did some corner round punch. I love how it looks with the corners rounded. It gives it a softer look to it. Once that was done, I decided how I want to order the papers in the album. So next I need to put these papers together to make the book. Choosing what side of the paper I wanted to be seen, I glued the back sides together to bring the pages together to make the book/album. I only glued 3 sides instead of all the way around. I wanted to leave the outside edges open to create a pocket.

Once the glued dried, I worked on creating the front cover. I got a coordinating paper and cut a tag out of it. I inked around the edges and stamped the phrase and images onto the tag. It was from an acrylic stamp that I had on hand. I thought it turned out cute.

Since I left open the outside edges of the pages to make a pocket, I needed to create something to be able to slide it in and out of the pages to add more spots for more pictures or even add space to journal. So I picked out a few more coordinating paper and cut it down to 3 1/8 or 3 1/4 by 5 inches. I then corner rounded the inside edges and did a border punch to add a little something pretty to the album.

So here is how it looks all done. I think it turned out great. It’s great to put in a purse to carry around some pictures instead of trying to find certain ones on your phone. Or this can be a great little journal to jot down ideas or to do lists. It can also be a cute little gift to give to someone.

Well I hope you enjoyed this and hope it will inspire you to give it a try. It was a quick and fun little project to do. Until the next project.